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 The Crystal Travel Wine Glass That Goes Where You Go


Drink responsibly.
Don't drink out of plastic.

Never drink your favorite beverage out of plastic again! 


Enjoy simple sophistication with an easy-to-carry crystal glass. Complete with a convenient, compact and protective case designed to fit in your purse or briefcase! Uniquely designed for air travel, outdoor venues, picnics or anywhere your travels take you. Handcrafted crystal with a light weight EVA zippered case makes for the perfect travel solution.

Why go crystal?

A sophisticated, environmentally-friendly solution.

Flair on the Fly is a trendsetting experience for the beverage industry. Switching to crystal from plastic may seem insignificant. However, you are enhancing your drinking pleasure, along with protecting yourself from the spread of bacteria while reducing waste. A quality thin crystal glass provides you with an elevated experience. While traveling, you may not have access to a quality glass your wine deserves. Flair on the Fly is your solution.

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New! Wedding Collection

Whether you're shopping for something unique for the bride or groom, or you're looking for wedding favors for your own bridal party or each guest at your reception, crystal travel wine glasses make the perfect reusable gift.

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