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Designed and tested by a flight attendant

Sheri Diehl is a retired flight attendant who has been fortunate to enjoy a lifetime of world travel. One
essential item that went everywhere with her was her travel wine glass—which she designed—with a
case small enough to fit in her tote bag and durable enough for repeated jostling around during transit.
Once, she witnessed her bag being thrown from the jetway onto the tarmac in Chicago. When she
discovered upon arrival in Rome that her glass had survived, she knew she had a winner.

In both her personal and professional life, Sheri has mastered the art of first-class entertaining. With a
fondness for fine wine and cuisine, she firmly believes that anything worth drinking should be enjoyed
from a proper glass. Early in her career, she discovered essential packing strategies necessary to survive
a lifetime of living out of a suitcase. One of those skills included packing her crystal-stemmed wine glass
in a protective case so she could enjoy a much-deserved glass of wine after a long day of flying. She soon
discovered this to be a highly coveted item by fellow crew members—fundamental for hotel rooms,
train excursions, outings, or any venue where undesirable glassware is used.

She decided to design and make this product available to all who travel and appreciate their drink of
choice out of a refined glass, whether it be picnicking in front of the Eiffel Tower or seated in economy
class where disposable glassware is your only option. You too will find this simple sophistication to be a
necessity that easily fits into your briefcase or purse wherever your travels take you.

Bon Voyage!!

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